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The School History

The Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Zawodowa (State College of Applied Sciences) in Skierniewice was founded on 1st October 2005, on the strength of the Council of Ministers’ regulation of 27th September 2005 (Journal of Laws, no.190, item 1605).

The Rector of the School was appointed on 17th October 2005. The first enrolment took place in the Academic Year 2005/2006, on 17th-30th October 2005, at the Faculties of Economics and Sociology, with 211 students admitted. At the time, the School and its main office were accommodated at the Lifelong Learning Centre in Skierniewice, at 4 Niepodległości Avenue.

Student recruitment for the first year of studies in the 2006/2007 and 2007/2008 Academic Years was conducted for four fields of study: Economics, Sociology, Polish Philology and Horticulture. At the end of September 2008, the School moved to new premises. Most classes were run in the main building, situated in Skierniewice, at 64 C Batorego Street, some at the Lifelong Learning Centre, at 4 Niepodległości Avenue, and specialist lab classes – in the SGGW (Warsaw University of Life Sciences) building, at 10 Sobieskiego Street.

As a part of the Indicative Investment Plan, The Commune-Town of Skierniewice received funds necessary to adapt some buildings belonging to the former military complex at 64 Batorego Street so that they could be used by the School. The PWSZ Campus in Skierniewice started to grow.

In the Academic Year 2006/2007, the students of our School organized the first Juwenalia in the history of Skierniewice. They take an active part in integration events (fuksówka, połowinki), in the works of the central bodies of the Polish Students’ Self-Government, as well as in the cultural and social life of Skierniewice. They started the University Sports Club. For five years, the university community has been successfully organizing Science Festivals, which are very popular among the inhabitants of the town and the whole Skierniewice sub-region.

As a result of the School Authorities elections, held in March 2007, the Rector’s office was taken by Professor Tadeusz Janusz.

During the inauguration of the Academic Year 2007/2008, the flag of the Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Zawodowa was solemnly adopted.

In the Academic Year 2008/2009, the School opened two new faculties: Computer Science and Econometrics and Finance and Accounting.

In the subsequent years, the PWSZ in Skierniewice was allowed by the PKA (the State Accreditation Committee) to open the Faculties of Dietetics, Cosmetology, Computer Science, Internal Security, Pedagogy, as well as Rural Areas Management. Apart from that, the School offers post-graduate studies.

the School offers post-graduate studies. Since 2009, the PWSZ has regularly implemented EU projects, which broaden the School’s offer. The first project was entitled “A confident start on the work market – the support of the PWSZ Career Centre in Skierniewice for the occupational activation of students and graduates”. The next EU project made it possible to conduct research and establish a cross-faculty entity – Skierniewice Wszechnica / University – offering various forms of lifelong learning: courses, trainings and workshops. Another project, entitled “The Development Programme for PWSZ in Skierniewice”, was implemented in 2013. It supports the activity of the Career Centre, increases the educational offer of the School and develops the School’s cooperation with the work market, At the beginning of the 2013/2014 Academic Year, a modern Student Home was opened, offering comfortable accommodation to the students of our School.

Today, the classes are conducted in the beautiful, spacious rooms of the new buildings E and F on the PWSZ Campus. There are new gastronomic sciences and computer laboratories, massage rooms and many other specialist facilities. The students may use modern lecture halls, a spacious library and a reading room, as well as have access to wireless and cable Internet.

Each year the School is expanding, becoming a significant educational institution in the Lodz voivodeship.

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