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Education Quality System

Taking the challenge currently faced by academic centres, The State College of Applied Sciences is creating an inner system of providing and improving the quality of education on the basis of the good experience so far, the Bologna Declaration and the belief that self-assessment, dialogue and cooperation of the academic community will guarantee continuous improvement of the educational standards at the School.

The Plenipotentiary of the Rector for the Quality of Education Matters is
Piotr Miller, PhD
Batorego 64C Street, Room 12

The main objectives of the education quality system include:

  1. gradual improvement of the education quality,
  2. raising the effectiveness of the educational process at the School,
  3. creating clear procedures as regards the assessment of the education quality and conditions, as well as study syllabuses based on systems used in other European countries,
  4. supporting the development of students and academic teachers,
  5. increasing the students’ mobility in Poland and abroad,
  6. making the education offer of the PWSZ increasingly attractive and competitive.

The system includes:

  1. monitoring academic standards,
  2. educational process assessment,
  3. assessing the quality and conditions in which classes are conducted,
  4. assessing the availability of information regarding education,
  5. assessing students’ mobility,
  6. assessing the students’ living conditions,
  7. collecting the opinions of Skierniewice PWSZ graduates about the course of their studies,
  8. collecting the employers’ opinions about the value of PWSZ graduates employed by them,
  9. devising proper tools used to complete these tasks.

Monitoring academic standards involves systematic analysis and assessment of:

  1. teachers in a given field of study, with documented research and teaching achievements,
  2. the compatibility of the syllabus and the assumed educational outcomes in a given scientific field and discipline.

The assessment of the educational process in a given field of study includes the education levels and forms of studies (full-time, part-time). The following elements are assessed:

  1. the graduate’s silhouette
  2. syllabus,
  3. study plan,
  4. detailed curricula of individual subjects,
  5. the ECTS credit system,
  6. examination requirements,
  7. the requirements of BA and engineering diploma theses,
  8. the requirements and range of diploma examinations.

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