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Baltic University Programme (BUP)


The BUP Summer Course on "Implementing Sustainable Development in European Cities and Regions", organised by the Baltic University Programme, in cooperation with the project GPEE, will be held in Hamburg, Germany, on September 8-12, 2015.

Students from universities members of the Baltic University Programme, are warmly invited to attend the event. The summer course is free of charges, but a registration isrequired. Participation entails free accommodation at a youth hostel, with meals, from Tuesday the 8th September 2015 (arrival date) to Saturday the 12th September 2015 (departure date). The organisers are unable to cover any costs with travel or health insurance, which participant students need to organise themselves. Registrations are possible until the 30th May 2015 and should be made at: Since the numbers of seats available is limited, it is advisable to register as soon as possible.


We have belonged to the Baltic University Programme since 2011. BUP is a network of about 225 universities and other institutes of higher learning throughout the Baltic Sea region with the centre in Uppsala in Sweden. The agreement enables our students to participate in courses offered by our academic teachers which cover the field of sustainable development of the Baltic Sea region.

Apart from courses, students have access to all the materials prepared in the centre in Sweden either through the website or in the school library.

The course has been conducted since November 2013 by three teachers: dr Anna Traut-Seliga, dr Małgorzata Potoczna, dr Aleksandra Stankiewicz, dr Tomasz Baka.

More info about BUP

BUP was founded in 1991 as an international network of 220 universities and other HEIs (Higher Education Institutions) from 14 countries located in the Baltic Sea Region. Nowadays it is one of the biggest network in the world. The aim of BUP is to support HEIs in expanding and spreading the knowledge of sustainable development of economy, education and social development in the Baltic Sea Region. It is based on cooperation among academic centres as well as social institutions, local authorities and organisations dealing with sustainable development in the above region.

BUP is interdisciplinary programme joining together all types of universities: humanistic, technical, pedagogical, medical, agricultural and economic.

It is coordinated by the Secretariat at Uppsala University in Sweden.
In Poland the center of BUP is at Politechnika Łódzka.


The person responsible for Baltic University courses in PWSZ is:
Rector’s Deputy for academic cooperation,
mgr Agnieszka Kucharska,
tel. +48 667711008

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